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!buyhouse Buy a house for the character, it is necessary to be in front of the door.
!sellhouse Sell the house to the indicated player.
aleta sio Edit the house guest list.
aleta som Edit house sub-owners.
alana sio Take the player out of the house.
aleta grav Edit doors permissions.
!tutorial Some tips about the server.
!potion1 buy potion 1.5x de experience.
!potion2 buy potion 2x de experience.
!potion3 buy potion 2.5x experience.
!autoloot Contains information about the autoloot system.
!staminapotion buy stamina potion.
!tradeoff Sale and purchase of products, for more information click here.
!reset Adds one more reset to the character as long as he has the necessary level.
!prestige Adds one more prestige to the character as long as he has the necessary reset.
!loot Informs loot booster time.
!boss Informs the time of bosses available for access.
!frags Show the number of people you've killed.
!gold Display bank in gold coins.
!expinfo Check out all experience bonuses your character receives.
!outfit Check all experience and skills bonuses through the outfit bonus system.
!coin Display bank in super coins.
!code Use this command to redeem the code.
!sellcharacter/!buycharacter Sale and purchase characters,for more information click here.
!dodge to check your amount of dodge on the character.
!resetskill Use to reset your skill.
the more you reset skills, the greater your character's damage will be
!reward Use to receive a training wand, can be used every 24 hours.
75+ Resets
!fly Use to travel between locations.
!rank check server ranks.
!bp Use to buy a backpack for 5 crystal coins.

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